Sephora Play for October

Hey you guys!

I hope the weather change is not making everyone else’s skin and hair go crazy like mine. Even if so, there are a couple ditties in this box to take care of those things. Watch the video linked below and comment if you got this box, or what you think! I love to hear your thoughts.

Things have been feeling a little blue lately around here. Our pastor put it well this morning that we have been going through possibly a worse time than ever the last few months at our church, with marital struggle, chronic diseases, divorces, a young girl who was just recently told that the Dr.’s do know what is wrong with her, but that they can’t fix it, and the only option is to help her learn with a pain management team how to live with pain. It’s kind of been that kind of heart wrenching season.

Personally for Ross and I, we have had multiple family funerals in the past six months, ongoing confusing health issues for myself, chronic pain, and clients at work who have so much to battle uphill. So this seems to warp in to my daily feelings and can make me feel blue. At least I’m noticing. I used to just feel cranky and not realize I was sad.

Thank you all for celebrating happiness with me… and joining me in our quest to choose happiness, even if we don’t have to feel happy all the time. Just to remember the blessings and the beautiful things that are truly woven all throughout my life. Woven through the darkness. Highlighting and remembering to note these times can help with depression and sadness.

For me, singing hymns in church this morning is one of those things. Reading the book of Hebrews this morning brought me to tears. Deep gratitude for my faith helps me find joy. Pushing the dark curls out of my daughters eyes. Lots of kisses. The warmth in the water on my sore muscles in the shower. My favorite podcast while cuddled under a blanket in bed. The warm sun cutting through the cool breeze….has to be one of my favorite things about fall.

What are some of your highlights?


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