In this world, it can be a struggle to find happiness, to find loveliness and to find gratitude. It is a problem that is far reaching…stretching beyond cultural, racial or socioeconomic boundaries. We can find that no matter our situation, setup or circumstances, it can be difficult to arrive at contentedness. I believe that life is special – a gift – that we are lucky; and that it is beautiful.

I believe there is power in positive thinking and choosing to dwell on the good. Each of us are on our own personal journey towards happiness; some fraught with more obstacles in their way than others…but all encountering their own. I propose happiness. I propose that we light our eyes on the wonders and goodness that happens our way, that we stumble across in our path. That we chronicle and remember the beautiful. That we remember the flickering moments of blessedness. This is my quest to share my happiness with those around me; to find beauty in this amazing life. Join me on my journey in this sweet life – finding beauty, thankfulness and treasures in my life. I hope that it sparks and buds something within you.

This is a blog about beauty, positivity, mental health, happiness and truly anything that makes me smile. I hope the beauty I find in my life inspires you to find and remember your own.